贾文山教授接受中国环球电视网(CGTN )China 24英文节目的视频连线采访

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贾文山教授接受中国环球电视网(CGTN China 24英文节目的视频连线采访


20201218日,山东大学特聘教授、山东大学(威海)全球胜任力研究院院长贾文山博士接受了CGTN China 24英文节目的视频连线采访,就最近中国太极拳和送王船这一闽南文化传统庆典被列联合国科教文组织非物质文化遗产名录 (第41和第42被列联合国科教文组织非物质文化遗产名录的中国传统文化项目至此中国成为全球非遗入此名录最多国家)做了点评。这里是采访视频链接https://s-url.cgtn.com/p/aFEdEA。对贾教授的采访从第23分钟开始 27分钟结束采访具体内容如下:


CGTN 节目主持人Gasthoori Manickam:太极和王传道被列入联合国教科文组织非物质文化遗产有何意义?


CGTN 节目主持人Gasthoori Manickam:您如何评价中国不同形式的非物质文化遗产保护工作,以及如何改进这些工作?




Gasthoori ManickamWhat's the significance of Tai Chi and Wang Chuan Ceremony being included in UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage?


Professor JiaWell, both of them are very representative of Chinese culture in the traditional forms. One of them is in inland China, in the interior area, another one is coastal. So it really reflects the traditional Chinese culture of two capacities, one is inland bound, the other one is ocean bound. And, of course, it certainly reflects Chinese beliefs and practices of their own preferred way of life.

Gasthoori ManickamSo how would you assess efforts to protect different forms of China's intangible cultural heritage, and how can these efforts be improved?


Professor JiaWell, first of all, I need to acknowledge the efforts made to protect such excellent forms of traditional Chinese culture as UNESCO`s intangible cultural heritage, and, of course, this is a great success for both China and local areas, as well as people who have formed the committee to review them. I remember it probably took like twelve years for Tai Chi to have been accepted. But, on the other hand, I realize that protecting…We need to really re-define protecting. Protecting really means to practice them, to revive them, to make them relive their meaning and function in our everyday life. These are very useful practices. Especially, Tai-Chi has already been globalized to a great extent, but I think in the developing areas and countries which embrace the Belt & Road Initiative, for example, the Belt and Road countries, perhaps, fewer people know it. Here, in Sunnylands, for example, where President Xi and President Obama met, every Saturday they practice Tai-Chi. So local people participate in Tai-Chi as well as tourists. It`s like a public good of Sunnylands cultural foundation. Also, you know, Tai-Chi has been developed by Koreans and Korean-Americans who made it into a very important after-school program (in the US). My son himself participated in it; I spent about probably twelve hundred dollars just for him to exercise his mental skills, his motor skills and kinetic skills. Not only a great sport, but also it`s a great industry. So China, I think, should take the initiative to do that, including leaders of the nation to demonstrate Tai-Chi to people all over the country and the world. And let`s just start a movement, especially in a pandemic area. And think about people who are stuck at home, they need to exercise, they need to reduce their blood pressure and stress, and diabetes as well. So, I think, it`s really something we need to capitalize on and make it like a global sport and global pastime.


另外, 贾教授应邀于20201114日参加了山东省高等教育人才研究会文旅专业人才委员会理事长会议。 在线上会议期间, 贾教授以“新冠疫情与文明秩序的重建”为题做了发言。 他认为, 新冠疫情危与机并存, 风险越大,变革的机会越大。同样的疫情,不同的文化产生不同的应对。新冠疫情突出了四大人类文明价值观念的重要性。发言最后,他倡导人类文明重建战略。





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